Our Services:
Property Management

Exterior Work

Everyone knows that making things seem effortless takes a lot of work. Willow Farm Management is ready, willing and able to do the work that will allow you, your family and your guests to spend your time enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Because we specialize in premier estates like yours, we know what needs to be done, often before our clients are aware of an issue. And we know how to solve problems that crop up despite the best preparation.

Leave it to Al and his team to see to the details. Do the security checks. Keep track of maintenance schedules. See that the lights under the portico all function and that the driveway is groomed. Freshen up the blooms lining the driveway. Feed the koi in the pond. Set up tents for a party and see that the valet service gets guests to the door.

Client Stories

Some of our clients have even more specific requests. They count on Al to get them done, no questions asked.

For instance, a client wanted his antiques and artwork personally delivered to his family’s new home in Sun Valley, Idaho. Al bought them a 4x4 truck that would be left in Sun Valley, loaded everything into a rented trailer, drove out in 46 straight hours (switching off the driving with two assistants,) delivered the artwork, hung it and flew back. No problem.

Another client bought a car as a present. In Ohio. The day before Christmas. Al flew out to Akron, then immediately drove the car back to a nearby detailing shop he had persuaded to stay open. Christmas morning, the immaculately detailed car was sitting in front of our client’s house, wrapped in a giant, red bow. Easy.

The simple fact is that after 20 years of service, there is virtually nothing we haven’t seen or been called upon to do. We look at every fresh request as an opportunity to prove anew our professionalism and discretion.

Interior Work

Willow Farm Management is built on a borderline obsession with the details that make a house a home. Our concierge services are highly specific and always confidential. We’ll set the air to your ideal temperature, stock the fridge with your favorite foods, freshen up the rooms, make day-to-day household repairs, keep major systems in peak running form, water your plants, decorate for the holidays, and so much more.

Want champagne set up for a special occasion? You’ve got it. Need the guest rooms prepped for friends? Consider it done. And yes, we do windows. We want your home to welcome you with all the comforts and amenities of a 5-star resort, customized just for you. Call us directly—we make coming home a pleasure!

Look to Willow Farm Management for peace of mind.